Witchfinder General actress Hilary Heath dies of coronavirus

Photo: Collected

British actor, Hilary Heath, best known for her role in horror movie Witchfinder General, has died of complications from coronavirus. She was 74.

The news of her death was confirmed by her godson, Alex Williams last week on Facebook, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Heath, a British actress, appeared in the films Witchfinder General, The Oblong Box and Cry of the Banshee as a mistress, daughter and wife foil to Price.

Her resume includes Ted Kotcheff’s Two Gentlemen Sharing (1969), and in a 1970 adaptation of Wuthering Heights featuring Timothy Dalton, wherein she portrayed Isabella.

Heath became a producer after retiring from acting, producing Mike Newell’s An Awfully Big Adventure (1995), starring Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman, and Nil by Mouth (1997) with Gary Oldman.

Born in Liverpool, England, the late actor made her big-screen debut in the Michael Reeves’ horror movie Witchfinder General in 1968.

Back in the day, Hilary reportedly launched the Duncan Health Associates in collaboration with her then-husband Duncan Heath. The company was sold to ICM in 1984. Duncan now stands as the co-chairman of Independent Talent Group. The couple had been divorced.