Water reaches capital as flood worsens

Photo: Collected

Floodwaters have engulfed some of the low-lying areas in the capital as the overall flood situation worsened with rivers in central and northern Bangladesh causing continued erosion.

Over 25,000 people got stranded in Khilgaon, Shabujbagh and Mugda areas with the Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre warning that the rivers around Dhaka might keep swelling until Sunday.

‘If rivers keep swelling for another two days the ward No 75 in Khilgaon would entirely go under water,’ said Dhaka South City Corporation ward councillor Akbar Hossain.

He said that flood brought immense sufferings to the people for eight of the 12 neighbourhoods in his ward and it also had the roads submerged.

People raised platforms inside their houses to avoid going to flood shelters but would be driven out of homes if floodwater continues to rise, said Akbar.

The River Balu overflowed its danger mark Friday while the Shitalakkhya was flowing above its danger level with a steady daily rise over the last several days.

Four of the five upazilas in Dhaka district were also affected with nearly 97,000 people affected by floods in Dohar, Nawabganj, Dhamrai and Keraniganj.

‘We have been warned that the situation would get worse for another round before Eid,’ said HM Salauddin Monzu.

Eid is eight days away and flood forecasters predict another round of rise in river water levels at that time.

The disaster management ministry said on Friday that close to four million people got affected in the flood that already spread to 30 districts.

The health emergency control room said that the number of death due to flood-related causes rose to 100 until Friday morning with seven deaths in the last 24 hours.

:New Age