Temporary teachers, staff of 5 Khulna BJMC schools in limbo

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Temporary teachers and employees of schools under jute mills are staring at a bleak future after the government decided to shut state-owned jute mills in Khulna region.

Jute mill workers have been assured of cash and savings certificates and MPO registration of permanent teachers of the schools there has been no word on what will happen to 60 temporary teachers and 10 employees.

Sources say there are five secondary schools under Crescent, Platinum, Star, Eastern and JJI mills in Khulna region.

The salaries and activities of the teachers of these schools were given from the income of the jute mills. After their closure, there are doubts about continuing operations of the schools.

The state minister for jute has assured the MPO registration of the permanent teachers of these schools.

Teachers say there are about 60 regular teachers in the schools while 60 more teachers and 10 staff work on temporary basis. Many of them worked for 15-20 years but were not made permanent.

Raja Khan, an assistant teacher at the state-owned Star Jute Mill High School, said he has been working on temporary basis since January 25, 2012. His job is yet to be regularised.

“I don’t know what our fate is as the mill is closed,” he said with frustration.

Shirina Khanam, a teacher at Platinum Jute Mill Secondary School, said she has been teaching since September 2000 but has not been made permanent. She said they hearing that they will be left out of the MPO scheme.

The teachers have requested the Prime Minister to regularise their jobs.

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Abul Kalam Azad, project head of Star Jute Mill, said a list of permanent teachers has been sought from Bangladesh Jute Mill Corporation (BJMC). They also wrote about the temporary teachers.

“It’s up to BJMC now,” he said.

Meanwhile, a memorandum has been sent to the Prime Minister through Khulna Deputy Commissioner on July 15 demanding that the jobs of the temporary employees be regularised.

According to the memorandum, 40 temporary teachers and staff are working in the state-owned Crescent, Platinum and Star Jute Mill schools in Khulna. They have been working for 10-15 years.

They said their families would suffer much if they lose their jobs now. So, they requested the Prime Minister to include them in the MPO scheme.