Remittance earning hit record $16.56b in a fiscal: Finance ministry

Expatriate Bangladeshis sent around US$ 16.56 billion remittance until 3 June of the current 2019-20 fiscal, which is an all-time high of any fiscal.

“Bangladesh has achieved the highest remittance till 3 June of this fiscal. This is the highest amount of any financial year. During this time, Bangladesh has achieved $16.56 billion, which is the result of the government’s two per cent incentive programme,” according to a finance ministry press release issued on Friday.

“As of 30 June of 2018-19 fiscal, the amount was $16.42 billion. With one month left in this fiscal year, the sector has achieved record of $16.56 billion,” the release added.

The country’s foreign exchange reserves also touched a new record of $34.23 billion on 3 June amid the coronavirus crisis.

Earlier, the previous highest reserves amounting $33.68 billion were recorded on 5 September 2017.