MP Shahid Islam Papul: I am clean … but Kuwait officials are not clean!

Lakshmipur lawmaker MP Md Shahidul Islam Papul has claimed that he is innocent, accusing Kuwait officials of forcing him to pay bribes, in public prosecution investigations over his alleged involvement in human trafficking and money laundering.

I am clean … but officials are not clean!” Shahid said in the Public Prosecution investigations in Kuwait after he was charged for on human trafficking by selling visas, money laundering and bribes, Arab Times reports.

He denied his accusation of bribe, justifying his payment of bribes, saying “I have 9,000 workers in Kuwait, and 100% worthy tenders. No one has complained about my achievement of work, but some officials are stopping my tenders, only way of passing them is by paying the money, so what do I do in such case ?! “

Sources stated that the Bangladeshi MP, in order to defend himself and deny the charges against him, said in the investigations that his companies own equipment that other companies do not possess, as evidence of the quality of the services he provides to the government agencies contracted with, but the whole problem lies with some officials, report also said.

Regarding the time the case needs to refer it to the criminal court, the source replied: “Such an issue, with the disclosure of names, personalities and seriousness of charges, needs a long time to ensure that no official or citizen who had a hand in it was left without accountability.”

Papul was arrested in Kuwait on the night on June 6 on charges of human trafficking and money laundering, according to reports from various media outlets in Kuwait.

Earlier, Kuwait public prosecution approached the Central Bank to freeze the bank accounts of Shahid and his company.

He runs the Marafie Kuwaitia Group as managing director and CEO and has 5m dinars in assets in Kuwait.

He has four companies in Kuwait, working in general trade, contracting and cleaning of streets and buildings, according to sources of Gulf News.