More Bangladeshis willing to return home from Vietnam amid flight suspension

More Bangladeshi nationals are willing to return home from Vietnam while flight operations remain suspended.

Over a dozen Bangladeshis citizens rushed to Hanoi from Guntao and held a sit-in near the Bangladesh Embassy on Monday seeking support like accommodation, food and repatriation.

Bangladesh Ambassador to Vietnam Samina Naz said the Embassy made a special arrangement to repatriate Bangladeshis who wished to return home through a special flight of Vietnam government that went to Bangladesh to bring back its own citizens on July 2, reports UNB.

The Embassy invited names through its website and managed permission for 52 people from Vietnam authorities.

“But all of them did not show up. Only 11 persons were repatriated. Now the influx started when there is no option for any flight,” Ambassador Samina told UNB on Monday.

For the latest group of 17 people, she said, they approached the Vietnam government for help. But the Vietnam government informed that they did whatever they can by already giving shelter to 65 people so far.

“We are putting in all-out efforts both from the two governments’ sides. It’s a process. It needs time to reach a solution,” said the Ambassador.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all international passenger flights are suspended in Vietnam since March 25.

People started thronging the embassy from July 3 demanding immediate repatriation to Bangladesh.

Bangladesh also sent several notes verbale to the Vietnam government to help all possible Bangladeshis who are likely in distress, said the Bangladesh Ambassador.

The Vietnam Police issued alert for the brokers who are responsible for the situation, she said.

Bangladesh Embassy informed all relevant authorities in Bangladesh and Vietnam about the mistreatment of the stranded Bangladeshis by recruiting agencies and brokers and sent all names and addresses as provided by the sufferers, said the Embassy.

On the basis of the information provided by the Embassy, Dhaka moved swiftly and arrested three of the recruiters/brokers and identified more to nab, according to the Embassy.