Mayor Taposh for stricter lockdown in Wari

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) Mayor Barrister Sheikh Fazle Noor Taposh on Thursday urged all concerned to enforce a stricter lockdown in Wari of the capital.

He made the call at the second review meeting of the central committee for Wari lockdown implementation at Nagar Bhaban this afternoon.

Wari was put under a 21-day lockdown on July 4 as the health authorities marked the area as a ‘Red Zone’ due to the high Covid-19 infection rate.

Regarding the stricter lockdown, Taposh gave some specific guidelines and asked all concerned to abide by those.

He said the infection rate among the residents at the beginning of lockdown and the present rate of infection is almost same which is not acceptable.

He said residents of the houses having COVID-19 patients won’t be allowed to step out of their residences.

The e-commerce platforms will have to issue a list of service providers.

Besides, all government and private offices, including the office of Pacific Pharmaceuticals Ltd, of the area will remain shut, he said, adding that one of the three super shops of the area can remain open.

He requested all to maintain the recommended health guidelines and sought cooperation to implement the directives.

Tipu Sultan Road, Jahangir Road, Dhaka-Sylhet Highway (Joykali Temple to Baldha Garden) in outer road and Lalmini road, Hare road, War road, Rankin Street and Nawab St in inner Wari are now under the restrictive measure.

The lockdown is scheduled to end on July 25.