Jamdani weavers busy ahead of Eid

Jamdani shari

Bangladesh’s Jamdani Sarees have drawn the attention of people of home and abroad due to its extraordinary designs and antique traditional craft.

The artisans of Rupganj Jamdani Palli in Naraynganj were seen passing a very busy time ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr as their products have got huge popularity and demand.

Jamdani weavers across the country have been passing busy time in weaving and giving artistic finesse to their masterpiece despite coronavirus pandemic.

One of the Jamdani weavers said, “Weaving a premium Jamdani sari takes months of hard work and dedication. We weave every Saree with great care.”

Jamdani Sarees have got hundreds of varieties in designs, fabrics and quality. These Sarees display a kind of creative flair that belongs to artistic rarities.

Local entrepreneurs said they have set up several Jamdani saree weaving factories ahead of Eid. Many poor families depend on this artistic work. Before Eid-ul-Fitr, the weavers have been working day and night for more earnings.

Various types of Jamdani Sarees, including Tersa, Jolpar, Pannahazar, Karola, Dublajal, Saburga, Bolihar, Shaplaful, Angurlota, Mayurpachpar, Baghnali, Kalmilota, Chandrapar and Jhumka are being made in handlooms of the weavers.