India reports 27,503 coronavirus deaths

With over 40,000 new cases cases, India has recorded its biggest single-day spike. The total number of coronaivrus cases in the country has reached 1,118,107. Death toll has now risen to 27,503.

India is the hardest-hit country with 1,118,107 cases and 700,399 recoveries from coronavirus in Saarc regions

Pakistan is the second worst-hit Saarc regions with 5,568 deaths and 204,276 recoveries from 263,496 cases.

Bangladesh is the third hardest-hit country in the regions with 2,618 deaths and 111,644 recoveries from 204,525 cases. So far, the active cases are 90,263 in the country.

14,646,707 people around the world have been diagnosed with Covid-19, while more than 8,737,835 have recovered, 608,978 have died, according to, according to Worldometer.