Global coronavirus death toll passes 69,000

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Coronavirus outbreak – over 69,000 dead
The global death toll of coronavirus has climbed to 65,603 till Sunday night.

A total of 1,274,265 people have been affected and 264,833 people have recovered worldwide in the disease, worldometer reported.

A total of 207 countries and territories and two international conveyances: the Diamond Princess cruise ship harbored in Yokohama, Japan, and the Holland America’s MS Zaandam cruise ship, have been affected in the deadly disease.

In USA, 336,830 people have been infected with coronavirus, 9,618 have died and 17,977 have recovered while in UK, 47,806 infected, 4,934 died and 135 recovered.

In France, 92,839 have been infected, 8,078 have died and 16,183 have recovered while in China, 81,708 infected, 3,331 have died and 77,078 have recovered.

In Russia, 5,389 people have been infected, 45 have died and 355 people have recovered while in Canada, 15,512 people have been infected, 280 have died and 2,942 have recovered.

In Italy, 128,948 people have been infected,15,887 have died and 21,815 have recovered while in Spain, 131,646 have been infected, 12,641 have died and 38,080 people have recovered.

In Iran, 58,226 people have been infected, 3,603 patients died and 22,011 patients have recovered while in Germany 100,123 people have been infected, 1,584 people died and 28,700 patients have recovered.

In Netherlands 17,851 people have been infected, 1,766 people died and 250 patients have recovered while in Belgium, 19,691 people have been infected, 1,447 people died and 3,751 patients have recovered

In India, 4,298 people have been infected, 118 people died and 328 patients have recovered while in Pakistan, 3,277 people have been infected, 50 people died and 257 patients have recovered.

In Bangladesh, 88 people have been infected with coronavirus, nine patients died and 33 patients have recovered from the virus.