Global coronavirus death toll passes 59,141

Photo: Collected

The death toll from coronavirus reached 59,141 worldwide around on saturday.

A total of 10,98,006 people have been infected while 228,404 recovered worldwide in the deadly disease, worldometer reports.

In Italy, 119,827 have been infected, 14,681 died and 19,758 recovered in the deadly disease while in Spain 119,199 infected, 11,198 died, 30,513 recovered.

The USA confirmed 277,475 coronavirus cases, the highest number of infection in a country of the world, while 7,402 died and 12,283 recovered.

In France, 64,338 people have been infected, 6,507 people died and 14,008 recovered while in China,81,639 people have been infected, 3,326 died and 76,755 recovered.

In Iran, 53,183 infected, 3,294 patients died and 17,935 recovered while in UK, 38,168 people infected, 3,605 died and 135 recovered.

In Netherlands, 15,723 people have been infected, 1,487 died and only 250 people recovered while in Germany, 87,244 people infected, 1,138 died and 24,575 recovered.

In Belgium, 16,770 people have been infected, 1,143 died and 2,872 recovered.

In India, 2,567 people have been infected, 72 died and 229 recovered so far.

In Bangladesh, 61 people have been infected, six people died and 26 people recovered.

The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 204 countries and territories around the world and 2 international conveyances: the Diamond Princess cruise ship harbored in Yokohama, Japan, and the Holland America’s MS Zaandam cruise ship.