Covid vaccines should be declared as global public goods : PM Sheikh Hasina

Describing Covid-19 vaccine as global goods, prime minister Sheikh Hasina today said Bangladesh believes in primacy of United Nations and other international institutions to meet everyone’s demand for vaccines and medical requirements on the basis of equity and justice.

The pandemic, she noted, has brought mankind at a crossroad of human history confronting possibly the gravest global challenge of our times.

In this connection, she also said, “We strongly believe that Covid-19 vaccines should be declared as global public goods. Countries producing the vaccines should help others produce the vaccines with a view to attaining universal vaccine coverage.”

“The socio-economic impacts of the pandemic are massive and are still unfolding. It is, therefore, extremely important to strengthen global and regional partnerships through coordinated efforts to address these challenges,” she also said.

The PM said this in her prerecorded video speech at the opening plenary of the four-day annual conference Boao Forum for Asia (BAF) titled “A world in change: Join hands to strengthen global governance and advance Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) Cooperation”