Global coronavirus deaths exceed quarter of a million

The global death toll from coronavirus has climbed to 252,408 till tuesday morning (Bangladesh Time).

North America and European countries accounted for most of the new deaths and cases reported in recent days, but numbers were rising from smaller bases in Latin America, Africa and Russia.

A total of 3,646,225 people have been infected and 1,200,203 people have recovered worldwide from the disease, according to latest data from worldometer.

A total of 212 countries and territories and two international conveyances have been infected in the deadly disease.

Meanwhile, 50,051 of the currently infected patients are in serious condition, and their percentage is only two.

That easily exceeds the estimated 140,000 deaths worldwide in 2018 caused by measles, and compares with around 3 million to 5 million cases of severe illness caused annually by seasonal influenza, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

In USA, 1,212,900 people have been infected in the disease. Of them, 69,921 people have died and 188,068 people have recovered.

In Bangladesh, 10,143 people have been infected in the disease. Of them, 182 patients have died and 1,209 patients have recovered.

The first death linked to COVID-19 was reported on Jan. 10 in Wuhan, China, after the coronavirus first emerged there in December. Global fatalities grew at a rate of 1-2% in recent days, down from 14% on March 21, according to the Reuters data.