Coronavirus: Except emergency services, none can enter or leave Dhaka

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Bangladesh Police today said that it is not allowing anyone to enter or leave Dhaka, except for emergency services.

In a press release today, police sought cooperation from all for ensuring proper implementation of the health instructions and directives issued by the government to prevent spread of coronavirus.

Police have been working to ensure physical distancing and to keep people at home as per the government directives, the press release said.

Police has been instructed to ensure strict adherence to social distancing guidelines

Assistant Inspector General (AIG-media) of police headquarters Md Sohel Rana confirmed that the Inspector General of Police (IGP), upon receiving instructions from Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, has directed concerned units of police to take necessary action immediately.

The decision follows dramatic events on Saturday, when a host of daily workers from outer provinces entered Dhaka as a result of garment factories being re-opened. The massive gatherings caused by this incident completely threw social distancing guidelines out of the window.

“Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan reacted by ordering the police to take control of the situation and to ensure that social distancing guidelines are followed,” said Rana.

IGP Mohammad Javed Patwary instructed police to make sure that nobody gets in or out of the capital. Only those requiring urgent medical care may be allowed to move after their condition is assessed, he added.

The Public Administration Ministry earlier announced 10 days general holidays from March 26 to April 4 and then it was extended till April 9 and now it is again extended til April 14.