BD workers in KSA go unpaid for months

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Many Bangladeshi workers staying in Saudi Arabia have not been getting due wages for months, thus living in reduced circumstances during this coronavirus pandemic.

Talking to the FE, some workers said they have not been given due wages since last five to six months. As a result, they cannot remit to Bangladesh for long.

Their families back home here are suffering from an acute financial crisis, they added.

On the other hand, migrant rights activists said they are receiving a significant number of phone calls of workers from different foreign job destinations, especially from Saudi Arabia.

Most workers said they have remained jobless or they have not received due wages from their employers.

Meanwhile, rights groups sought measures to support the workers who are grossly affected by Covid-19.

Otherwise, it will impact the country’s remittance inflow in the coming days. Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic has also hit hard Bangladesh’s economy.

Abul Kalam Azad, a migrant, said he and his 20 Bangladeshi colleagues have remained unpaid since January 2020.

They are working at a cleaning company in Dammam. As they asked for dues, his employer told them to wait further.

But they are yet to get their salaries, he added.